sweat now, shine later

There is no such thing as too much bling!

The Rock Glove is a workout glove for females who enjoy working out. It is unique because it has a cut-out on the ring finger of the left hand for the female to show off her diamond as she works out. The Rock Glove solves the problem of the female having to take off her diamond ring while she works out, eliminating her risk of losing it. It also keeps her from trying to squeeze her ring into a normal workout glove, which makes it uncomfortable as she worksout. This is where fashion meets fitness.

About the Founder - Haylee Evon

Haylee Hehl is the CEO and founder of The Rock Glove. With the dream to become a motivating #girlboss, Haylee’s vision is to empower females to embody their talents and strengths. She aims to enrich love and beauty while encouraging the healthy and fit lifestyle. She received her B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida and her M.Ed in Leadership and Supervision from National Louis University. Growing up as a Florida native, Haylee was involved in many sports, yet, she was still intrigued by the fashion world. In 2014, she first envisioned combining her fashion flair and active lifestyle into the design of, The Rock Glove. “Fashion meets Fitness” is The Rock Glove style of living, as it embodies a passion for fitness, while still enjoying the finer things in life.

About the Co-Founder - Holly Gonzales

As a Miami native, Holly Gonzales has a natural flair for creating artistic ambiance, providing dynamic energy and hosting memorable events. As a youth, Holly was involved in performing arts, sports and acting. During that time, she enjoyed coordinating events, producing and performing shows for her school and community. While pursuing her Business Marketing degree, Holly began a career in Property Management and was quickly appointed the Resident Event Coordinator. Because the passion for creative arts had never left her, Holly then accepted an opportunity with the special events division of an internationally known company involved in fashion shows, music festivals, marketing and promotions all over the world. Holly’s life motivation is to be a role model for all females. She pursued the fitness industry as a personal trainer and dance instructor. Through fitness, she was able to inspire and motivate others to build self-confidence. Continuing involvement within the fitness industry and her devotion to empower women, she teamed up with The Rock Glove. Enriching love while encouraging healthy goals, The Rock Glove “style of living” embodies a passion for fitness, while still enjoying the finer things in life.

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